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We offer a truly comprehensive service:

  • An easy to use website, fully tailored to your specification.
  • A variety of reports from short focused ones to fully detailed.
  • A flexible mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • Questions that you want - we can help you determine these, as well as making suggestions from our bank of proven questions.
  • Flexibility on feedback Respondent groups and rating scales.
  • Your organisational branding throughout the website and report.
  • Supporting text that you want.
  • A full administration service - all you need to do is provide us with participants' names and we do the rest, ensuring a near 100% completion rate.
  • Briefing sessions to users.
  • The ability for participants to enter their respondents, track completion rates and issue reminders.
  • On-line and phone support for users.


If required our consultants can help you define competencies/behaviours you want to measure and get feedback on. In addition, we can provide analysis of all the data at team/organisation level at the end of a specific project.

Feedback Options

It is important people are helped to make best use of the investment that has been made and are not just left with the report. We are able to provide a range of feedback options:

  • By one of highly experienced Leadership Coaches.
  • By your organisation's personnel - we can provide training on the how to interpret the report and the skills in providing effective feedback.
  • As part of a development programme - we can create programmes to meet your specific needs.
  • Reports

    We offer a range of report types, all with the principle of "easy to understand and use". This means they do not need a statistics degree to make best use of them, nor are there pages of similar looking bar charts that can be daunting to many people.

    All reports are viewed and analysed before issue - the human element missing from many reports. They are in full colour and can either be bound or in PDF format.

    Feedback Sessions

    Receiving the report is just the start, or if handled badly, the end! There the report will sit in a desk with the occasional mumble from the person whose name it carries about "what a waste of time and money that was."

    So why is that the case if 360s are that good? It is usually because when the person received the report there was nothing to go with it. To really make the most of the feedback there should be the opportunity to talk it through with somebody, to help make sense of the feedback, to identify themes, to talk through feelings - and there may be plenty, to come up with meaningful actions.

    That is why we strongly recommend that built into the process there should be a 1:1 feedback, or coaching session. This can be done by an experienced external coach, which we can provide, or somebody internal. Maybe a HR specialist, a line manager outside of the Participant's line, or according to the company culture, the person's line manager. We can provide the necessary briefing and training to ensure that your personnel are fully equipped to hold these session, making sure both the person and organisation get a true return on the investment.