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360° feedback is a powerful self-exploration tool that helps individuals enhance their effectiveness and achieve their potential, which in turn delivers significant business benefits.

    In your organisation:
  • is quality feedback a common place activity?
  • are managers and staff self-aware?
  • do they understand the impact of their behaviours and actions?
  • do they have up-to-date information to help focus their development?

It is great if you can give a resounding 'yes' to these questions. Unfortunately, such a situation is not commonplace. That is where a structured 360° feedback process can add real value.

From a personal perspective, we all have perceptions about our own capabilities and behaviours. These perceptions do not represent the whole picture as they represent only one perspective - our own. 360° feedback gathers others' views and perspectives, in an objective way, which in turn can help improve effectiveness and achieve potential.

Unicus Resources provides bespoke 360° websites, questionnaires and reports to meet organisational needs. Our services and systems are highly flexible providing complete choice over questions, text, rating scales, respondent groups and data presented in reports. In fact, practically any aspect you want.

In addition, we have our own Leadership Framework, which is based on our extensive experience of working with a diverse range of organisations. The supporting questionnaire is suitable for single reports or larger groups.

180° Feedback

We also specialise in 180° reports, which are usually focused questionnaires completed by the participant's manager and direct reports. They are particularly useful following an earlier 360° report, or following development interventions. They help individuals track progress and also provide empirical evaluation data on the effectiveness of the development intervention. This is data that is often hard to collect and is a missing factor regarding the development intervention's return on investment. We are happy to provide more information, and examples, on request.